We cultivate our history.

Ours is a history made up of simplicity, genuineness, earth and sunshine, care and passion.
And of smiles, honest faces, handshakes, and groups of people sitting down at the table to celebrate. That’s how we are, just the way you see us: sincere.

Galassi has always been Italy’s best-selling D.O.C. Sangiovese, thanks partly to the television campaigns that have become part of the history of Italian advertising and of the nation’s collective consciousness.

Historic ADS

Te lo dò io il promemoria ("I’ll give you a reminder")
Ma beviti un Galassi! (“Go drink a Galassi”)

Historic campaigns

Galassi. Un sorso di Romagna (“A drop of Romagna”).
1993 campaign
Romagnoli di natura ("Romagnoli by nature").
2003 campaign
Galassi. Me lo devo ricordare ("I’ll have to remember that").
2011 campaign
Galassi. È nel gusto il promemoria ("The reminder’s in the taste").
2017 - 2018 campaign

Our new

Our wines’ new visual identity also reflects history. It is inspired by the mosaic “The Triumph of Dionysus”, an icon of the culture of Romagna and of Italy as a whole, which is to be found in the Archaeological Museum at Sarsina and dates back to the 3rd century A.D..

The mosaic represents Dionysus on a chariot, drawn by tigers and guided by Pan and by a satyr.
Also depicted are flowers, animals and people in Dionysus’s circle. Each of these elements now forms part of our labels, because history is memory. And, in our case, a reminder, too.